ॐ रुच्छ महादेव कोटिमहेश्वरी ॐ

Adyatma Center

Rucch Mahadeva Kotimaheswari

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by the confluence of Kham and Saraswati rivers. Rucch Mahadeva is the place where Goddess Kali met with Shiva, praying there is the same as praying at Gaya or Kasi, even the Gods and sages got liberation and where the Mahadeva Lingam gives peace and all other fruits by bathing, offering or remembering only.

Read the full description of the place translated from the Kedarkhand book in the Skanda Purana in the About session.

The Adyatma Center

offers shelter and nourishment for pilgrims practicing his own devotion. You are welcome to visit and stay as long as you like, sleeping in a shared room or in the Fire or Agni rooms of Temple hosted by one of the Maharajas.

Keeping the prana working altogether in the body to get the duty done at the end of the day, maintaining a good relation with God, the ancestors and ourselves, Yoga benefits are immeasurables.

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Rucch Mahadeva Temple is located in the ancient trekking from Kedarnath to Madmaheshwar, the first and second Panch Kedar: Today we can reach by car from Guptkashi through the Kalimath road.

  • Ruchh Mahadev Temple 246439, India
  • https://maps.app.goo.gl/pijA9GHKkgiuvPNb6